A day to myself


Tai Chi Man and I are spending a couple of nights away from home. He was awake early this morning to drive to a day of workshops so I have the day at leisure.

It was a slow start to the day with some crappy TV (99% of TV is crappy!) and tea and breakfast, then at 10.30 I set out to walk along the waterfront then up Main Street.

I was wearing a cardigan that soon came off – there was no wind and the sun was out and I soon became overheated. I headed up the road, not planning how far I was going to walk, just noting the stores I wanted to pop into on my way back. When I’d had enough of walking one way, I turned around. Went into the health food store, a thrift store, a yarn shop (all without buying anything). By that…

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Indoctrinating welfare




The Chicago Public School system sent out a call the other day to all of its enrolled families. Not a call to learn or pray, but a call instructing these families to register with SNAP– the welfare program the US government uses to redistribute wealth from the earnings of Americans and awarding it to the poor without the moral guidance and education associated with Churches and other non-government organizations.

“Your child may be one of them. To find out more about your eligibility call the Children and Family Benefits Unit at 773-553-KIDS.”

The fact that a school system could go so far as to call parents to enlist their children in this undemocratic program shows how far our educational administrators have stooped, exploiting their privileged place in our communities and families to extol an ideology inherently at odds with the freedom He gave us to succeed with enough sweat, tears, and…

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Trips are exciting! But coming home is not

Daily Deeney

My April vacation was filled with travels & new experiences, a heavenly recipe for a vacation. Never quite understood why people go on vacations to “get tan” instead of getting cultured, but that’s just me. This April vacation my mother & I ventured to Washington, D.C. Which prior to this trip, when vacation plans are usually shared the week before vacation, people would ask me “Why?” Like there needed to be a more fulfilling reason to go to D.C because it’s not tropical. Bite me people.

Starting with a beautiful hotel location in Georgetown right on Pennsylvania Avenue (same street as the White House), I knew that this trip would be great. I packed warm, refusing to acknowledge that even though April is almost over it’s still barely 50 degrees out (thanks New England). 

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