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Pamela Says So

So I have three more weeks until I am officially (and happily) unemployed. I have began work on my acting reel by compiling some of my better scenes from multiple shorts I’ve completed in the past. I am getting my professional headshots done in the next couple weeks and then the true sign I’m dedicated to the craft, business cards. I don’t know where this stint in acting will lead me but it’ll be fun. I don’t need to make money right now so I really have this opportunity to pursue hobbies and things like this!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading as well and may try my hand in writing. Just some short stories to pass the time and maybe make a couple bucks off. Not to channel the cliche suburban dad by reminiscing on my high school football days BUT I did used to win awards for…

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Bittersweet Life Events

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Call Me the Clay

Lots of things have taken place of late (since March).  All have been quite emotional and has taken me on quite the journey of soul-searching and learning.

Without notice, my employer laid several people off – and I was included in that group.  My supervisor called me while I was on vacation to break the news to me.  The layoffs were effective immediately.

I found myself having to work through quite a few emotions during that time.  I’ve been laid-off before…but this one hit me a little differently.  If you have read previous posts – you know that I’ve struggled to get back on my feet after the divorce.  I literally had nothing financially – I was living paycheck to paycheck.  The day that I got the call was also a payday.  And that was the day I had been working towards – I FINALLY got out of that dreadful…

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The Lately: In Freelance and in Health

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Of All Seasons

1. [ F ] U N E M P L O Y ED


That is right, folks! I, along with other friends who are also job hunting, am a fresh grad unemployed bum. Oh the words, they stinggg! I have been sending out my resume, going to job interviews, bumming, sulking, and waiting since I graduated last March (note to self: it is already May). I am honestly starting to worry a little bit about where my life is headed or, to be more specific, if my life is even headed anywhere given that I can’t even land myself a job. Not to worries, though, I’m not that depressed over it. Honestly, the time I have now is being spent on catching up on family matters, myself, and visions of what I really want to do in life (and books and movies and shows). I’m not complaining; I’m slowly having…

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The Woes of the Uemployed

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Awkward Heather

download (3)

I have been without a job for 14 weeks now.  It sucks.  I should have all this time to do the things that I love, but I ended up being too  depressed to even get out of bed.

Slowly, I have worked my way out of my bed and I have plans in place.  Plans that will get me back to working and away from dealing with the unemployment office.  It’s a process and I am trying really hard.

If you have never had to draw unemployment then you may not know of all the hassle that comes with it.  I honestly don’t see how people are okay with staying on unemployment for so long.  Let me tell you about the process in a list…because I love making list!

  1. You lost your job, go apply for unemployment.  You can do this online, but make sure you have all kinds of…

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How To Be Productive While You’re Unemployed

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1Up: Life Lessons

Do you tend to be lazy while unemployed? Do you sleep late and wake up late and this process goes on and on every day? Well, this happens often to me and I believe that you will need to set yourself a schedule so that you can manage your time well. We don’t want to just be doing job applying all day because that will burn us out. But also, we don’t want to waste all the time we have by doing nothing all day. We need balance in order to feel good about what we do. The first big step is to schedule your time wisely, as if you are working a full-time job. I will show you how to do that and stay stress-free.

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Hooray for Freedom!

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Sexy Geeky Life

My family has a long line of service so I am so honored when the nation takes the time to enjoy today because use being able to enjoy that took sacrifice.  That sacrifice was given in exchange so that we can be free and it was done so with honor and love.  

That being said I am free from a great deal of stress from my job now as I was let go last week and I am glad to be starting a new chapter in my life.  I am was glad for all the things I learned about finance and the housing market and the friends I made at work are some of the best I’ve had in some time. 

Anyway I am going to be focusing on my writing and my garden until I start working again or I granted the gift of doing what I am…

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Nothing To Do & Doing Nothing

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halfway to fifty

When you have nothing to do, doing nothing becomes really easy.

Being unemployed (not technically unemployed… just not on a regular schedule currently) gives you a lot of free time. I don’t normally like free time. I like being busy. I like being stressed out. I like being on a schedule.

Free time and I do not get along. Why? Well, when I have too much free time I get lazy. And when I get lazy, I get REAL lazy, and then lazier… and lazier… it’s bad. I struggle with too much free time and not enough to do.

When I’m busy, I love going to the gym.

When I have nothing to do, getting off the couch is the hardest thing in the world, proving almost impossible most days.

When I’m busy, I’m really good about packing my healthy food and sticking to that.

When I have nothing to do…

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Jenn Jackson

I think I’ve found that one phrase in my life that is both so incredibly true and yet so infuriating I may punch the next person that utters it in my presence.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Oh, it is beautiful, poignant, meant to be inspiring but it is one of the most short-sighted phrases imaginable.

Once more, for reasons I either can’t or won’t define, I’m seeking gainful employment. It might be the economy that has laid me off four time by the age of 30, it might be that I make rash employment decisions in accepting the first opportunities that fall into my lap, it might be that I seek out doomed positions because none of them make me “happy”.

Here’s the thing; it turns out that what I love is not terribly lucrative. I like words. I love being a writer…

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