Amir, may you be among the stars which shone for you.

fetching felicity

Kakak, Amir tengah kumpul duit ni.

It was a typical Friday morning at school. Puan Noraini as usual and as cool as she has always been, let us play any sports that we like. For those who are lazy enough or haven’t done yesterday’s homework, they would be at the hut, doing their last minute work which would be due that day itself. Anyways, yes, it was a typical day. Same old same old. I chose to play basketball that day with they boys. I love to play basketball and despite not wearing shorts, I managed to hop around dribble the ball and scored some 3 point shoots. I didn’t exactly remember what happened, but, I realized blood was coming out of my lips. It didn’t really hurt but I realized that I should stop playing and treat my injured lips. 

So, as I sat there alone, the school bell…

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