Be Positive or Die.

Wheelchair Probz

You know what really irks me? Those grouchy disabled people that get angry when strangers try and help them? Am I the only one who knows these people exist?
I love when strangers open doors for me! I appreciate every single person, friend or complete stranger, that tries to help me if it looks like I need a hand. It just means they’re a good person trying to help someone in need. Seriously, I know one of my friends told me that when she tried opening a door for this disabled man he gave her attitude and said “I got it!”
How rude!
Now I get it, some people can open doors themself and underestimating blahblahblah but if it’s a stranger… They clearly don’t know what you’re capable of doing on your own and let’s be real… Opening doors is ten times easier if someone else does it for you.

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