“Bedroom tax” must be repealed and Government should apologise

Ipswich Spy

Distressing stories about the impact of the scandalous ‘bedroom tax’ continue to surface and will go on surfacing; opposition to this ill-thought out piece of legislation is not going to die down.

Opposition in Scotland: The UK Parliament has already had to fudge through measures which will now allow the Scottish Parliament to mitigate the worst effects of the tax, with the cap on DHP’s (Discretionary Housing Payments) being lifted.

Opposition in Wales: The Welsh Assembly voted for abolition on 7th May 2014.  Housing Spokesman Jocelyn Davies said in her speech that the UK Government had wildly over-estimated the savings in the first place and that any savings that might take place were “almost entirely negated by the costs that are transferred onto local authorities, housing associations, the health service and other public services.”


Opposition from housing organisations: Shelter Scotland submitted evidence to the UK Parliament in 2013


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