School District Will Not Employ Disabled Or Non-Mormons

Michael Lewin

disabledIf you are disabled, you are not a mormon, or you are in the minority, it is your best bet to stray far away from the Davis School District based in Utah.

It is the third largest school district in the state, with 66,579 students, however allegedly they will only cater to a certain “elite” class of people – now no one wants to say Hitler, but we can certainly put the word out there.

According to a complaint made by an internal board member David Lovato, the district workforce does not provide equal opportunities to those with disabilities, females, or those who are not members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. An example of this is the exclusion from participating on district-wide committees, and also an awards program.

Their voice instead has been extrapolated and pigeonholed as unimportant, and Lovato states that the district has an “embedded business…

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