Settling The Score–Out Now!

 It’s finally here!

I know Daniel’s story has been a long time coming, but he’s bursting off the pages, I promise!

As I shared with my newsletter subscribers, I’ve been living with Daniel’s story for a long time. When he first revealed he wasn’t the player he had shown himself to be in Michael’s book, I was shocked. Then enthralled. His and Becca’s history is complicated and makes their HEAs that much sweeter.

Settling The Score, Dani Wade, Backstage Pass series, sexy contemporary romance, rock star heroes, cover reveal

So click on your bookstore of choice, and download SETTLING THE SCORE today! An excerpt is available in the post below this one.


Smashwords (which has all file types)

I’d like to apologize to my Nook readers! I’ve repeatedly attempted to upload to Nook Press and it isn’t cooperating. A link will be posted as soon as I can get that fixed!

Daniel Korvello isn’t your average Joe with a case of unrequited lust. He’s a…

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