Social media and the human race

so whats this thing again?


Many people these days state that social media (Facebook,tumblr,Instagram etc.) has ruined the ‘newer’ generations and most children now by the ago of three can operate an iPhone/iPad/touch screen device and I personally am on the fence on this subject

If I look back to my childhood if remember sitting on the front lawn with barbies and going over the field playing games….ahhh nostalgia
But just recently I was at a eatery and on the table to my left was a girl no older than 2 playing on her mothers ipad,

And I thought yes this is wrong….I am not a parent, I don’t intend to be a parent however I don’t know whether it’s ‘easier’ just to shove an iPad infront of your child but I don’t see how anything good can come of it….
When they grow up and will never know the joys of rolling down…

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