Attack on Titan Volumes 11 and 12 (Spoilers for 1-10)

Anime Reporter

Attack on Titan 12 - 1Anime Reporter sets its sights on Volumes 11 and 12 of Attack on Titan, the hard-hitting, king-size manga by Hajime Isayama.

Naturally enough, it might not be to anyone’s benefit to read this if you haven’t read the first ten books, as here there be spoilers. If you want to know if the first five or ten volumes might be to your taste, we’ve got reviews of volumes 1-5 here and 6-10 here.

But enough about the past, let’s hurry on to Volume 11, because what a volume it is! Following last volume’s revelations about the identities of the Colossal and Armoured titans, Eren was last seen bursting into his titan form in order to kick a wee bit of armoured ass. Both Volume 11 and Volume 12 deal with the conflict that arises out these two most infamous of titans making themselves known. On top of Ymir’s revelation…

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