Outrage,,,, where is the outrage:::::: if 23 soldiers were dying in combat everyday changes would be made. Quickly!!!!!!….

C PTSD - A Way Out

Look at our Veterans Administration, vets are dying because of incompetence and lack of concern, why would you want to serve this country.
Now, we have 23 vets committing suicide everyday, this issue has been with us since the Civil War, without much urgency or a plan to address this issue as an epidemic, now, needing broader models and methods.
Our government seems frozen, why have we not implemented preventive measures to stem the spread of combat PTSD?
look at the development of Mash units from the civil war to now.
We sit on the same log as those fighting the civil war with trauma, battle fatigue.
We have become better at teaching, well indoctrinating them to kill, sadly, we have not a clue how to get them to accept this act, without killing themselves later.
Peak incidence, when the greatest number…

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