Don’t sweat the small stuff: we’re all flying through space on a grain of sand

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Rebelle Expression

Life on Earth is essentially a scientific miracle. Out of the 8 planets in the solar system (9 if you decide to include Pluto, but come on, if it would be closer to the sun the majority of it would vaporize and it would turn into a comet or something) and the 1 713 exoplanets (confirmed by NASA) only Earth is currently sustaining life. There is still research trying to determine if life has ever existed on Mars, but last I heard, Mars can currently not sustain life. The conditions of Earth had to be just right in order for chemical evolution to take place, then cellular evolution and so on. To sustain life, Earth had to be at the right distance away from the sun to not reach temperatures of 900F (480C) like Venus or -371F (-224C) like Uranus, and it had to have the right axial tilt so…

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