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(this is the final movement of what i call a ‘poetic symphony.’ we recommend that serious readers/followers now go back and read the entire ‘duet’ at one go much as one listens to a Mahler symphony from the first note to the final cadence without distraction.  ^^~~~~)



 alex grey newfamily



we weep silver tears of compassion sweeter harmonics

we huilen zilveren tranen van mededogen zoeter harmonischen

nous pleurer des larmes argent des harmoniques plus doux de compassion 

Never on schedule, but always on time.

between yesterdays and tomorrows all candies have magicke

tussen gisteren en morgen hebben alles snoepjes magie 

entre hier et demain tous les deux bonbons ont magie 

word is bond

logos is truth is transgressive is beauty is love

logos is waarheid is transgressieve is schoonheid is liefde

logos est vérité est transgressive est beauté est amour

as if struck by lightning softly…

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