Food-For-Thought Friday: No Ordinary Moments

life. love. happiness.

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I was in the bathroom at uni last week when I noticed something written on the back of the toilet door. Someone had scrawled, “there are no ordinary moments”. Initially I discarded the statement as just another philosophical toilet-stall quote. However, it resonated with me.

There was an essence of truth in the statement, and it hit me – how easy is it to get so consumed with the complexities of life, that we forget to simply enjoy living? As a blogger and avid Instagramer, I find myself constantly on the lookout for the perfect moment. I’m always looking for things that will photograph well or make a great story. Reflecting on this, I realised how much of an influence social media can have on our lives. We are constantly bombarded with photos, statuses and tweets about what people are doing and what a great time they’re having…

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