Love yourself for who you are and forget about who you’re not.

The Write Courage

Hey you. Yeah, you. You’re beautiful. You’re amazing. Take a look in the mirror. Look at your eyes. Aren’t they gorgeous? No, your nose isn’t too long or too wide. It’s perfect. Quit saying you’re fat. You’re curvy. Quit saying you’re too skinny. We wouldn’t have you any other way. No, your hair isn’t too short, too frizzy, too thick, or too thin. All of these traits you hate are the traits that make us love you. These traits make you who you are!

Don’t ever sell yourself short. Every individual is beautiful in his or her own special way. Make it a goal to look in the mirror once or twice a day to point out one thing about yourself that you love. True beauty is about how YOU feel about yourself, not about how others feel about you. So do yourself a favor. Fall in love with yourself. You’re worth it.



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