My Sources of Inspiration, Part III: Television Magic

A.G.R. Rosewood

As a child, I loved cartoons and admittedly, I still do. My favourites were the fantastic stories in which anything was possible; children could run wild and free, magic was ubiquitous, life was carefree. Anything resembling reality too strongly was completely unappealing to me. I wanted to have fun when watching, not be transported in another world that was exactly like my own. Of course I know plagiarism is strictly forbidden, and I am not talking about that, but the cartoons I preferred when I was younger definitely inspired my writing. As long as there was adventure – real adventure, not the kind of adventure that comes along with puberty – I was happy. My manuscripts are supposed to pass that same wonderful, adventurous feeling to my readers. The problem with cartoons is, though, that what works on the screen does not necessarily work in a book. Cartoons are typically…

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