New Beginnings

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scot douglas campbell

Back in 1995 I was in the shower and I had a realization. I imagined there seemed to be two distinct yet connected universes. The first being the physical universe and the second universe being, for lack of a better description , the non physical universe. In other words the universe of things and the material and it’s brother the non-things universe. I imagined in my mind the main attributes of both these universes in regards to existence. In a much less fancy and articulate description I pondered “what is the common denominator of these two realms?” I came up with these scot laws, for the first universe the domain of the physical I came up with this law. THE COMMON DENOMINATOR OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE IS CHANGE. I established in my mind, as I soaped up my hair, that indeed this law regarding the physical universe was a truism…

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