Nothing To Do & Doing Nothing

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halfway to fifty

When you have nothing to do, doing nothing becomes really easy.

Being unemployed (not technically unemployed… just not on a regular schedule currently) gives you a lot of free time. I don’t normally like free time. I like being busy. I like being stressed out. I like being on a schedule.

Free time and I do not get along. Why? Well, when I have too much free time I get lazy. And when I get lazy, I get REAL lazy, and then lazier… and lazier… it’s bad. I struggle with too much free time and not enough to do.

When I’m busy, I love going to the gym.

When I have nothing to do, getting off the couch is the hardest thing in the world, proving almost impossible most days.

When I’m busy, I’m really good about packing my healthy food and sticking to that.

When I have nothing to do…

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