Ow, My Pride

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November 26, 2012

Ow, My Pride!

I can see her waltzing
in the wasteland of my
North Dakota high school.
Always looking taller than she is
without ever wearing heels.
She walked as though
she’d been walking forever and made
each clumsy stumble look planned
for the sake of entertaining onlookers.
But she’s the one they never
noticed until long after
they’d met.

But then they can’t forget.
She’s always leaving. Amid loving
goodbyes and they never know
if or when she’ll return. I watched her
be silent among friends and tell strangers
her whole story in an hour.
I watched her skirt around
her shortcomings and treat her flaws
with an ever-unseeing eye.

She never danced in sincerity
and laughed until we all hurt.
She carried me where she wanted
to go, she never left me alone.
Only once I pouted, when she
brought me back home…

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