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Jenn Jackson

I think I’ve found that one phrase in my life that is both so incredibly true and yet so infuriating I may punch the next person that utters it in my presence.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Oh, it is beautiful, poignant, meant to be inspiring but it is one of the most short-sighted phrases imaginable.

Once more, for reasons I either can’t or won’t define, I’m seeking gainful employment. It might be the economy that has laid me off four time by the age of 30, it might be that I make rash employment decisions in accepting the first opportunities that fall into my lap, it might be that I seek out doomed positions because none of them make me “happy”.

Here’s the thing; it turns out that what I love is not terribly lucrative. I like words. I love being a writer…

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