There is Always Something Worth Seeing

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Windup Wire

I watched the movie The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology for a second time tonight with my brother.  Wanting to learn a little about the film’s star, philosopher and narrator Slavoj Zizek, I read several articles about him.  This is one that appears in The Guardian:

I am linking to this one not because it is the best, I am just discovering this subject, but I really like the last paragraph.  Here it is quoted in full:

It is time for him to leave. “My son and I are going to see Transformers.” He means the third and final installment of the dismal film franchise. It’s apparently terrible, I warn him. “I have been to terrible films before. There is always something worth seeing.”

There are good and bad movies.  However, all movies say something about the society in which they are created in.  This is not to say…

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duets with other poets – grittykitchen dénoûment

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(this is the final movement of what i call a ‘poetic symphony.’ we recommend that serious readers/followers now go back and read the entire ‘duet’ at one go much as one listens to a Mahler symphony from the first note to the final cadence without distraction.  ^^~~~~)



 alex grey newfamily


we weep silver tears of compassion sweeter harmonics

we huilen zilveren tranen van mededogen zoeter harmonischen

nous pleurer des larmes argent des harmoniques plus doux de compassion 

Never on schedule, but always on time.

between yesterdays and tomorrows all candies have magicke

tussen gisteren en morgen hebben alles snoepjes magie 

entre hier et demain tous les deux bonbons ont magie 

word is bond

logos is truth is transgressive is beauty is love

logos is waarheid is transgressieve is schoonheid is liefde

logos est vérité est transgressive est beauté est amour

as if struck by lightning softly…

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Don’t sweat the small stuff: we’re all flying through space on a grain of sand

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Rebelle Expression

Life on Earth is essentially a scientific miracle. Out of the 8 planets in the solar system (9 if you decide to include Pluto, but come on, if it would be closer to the sun the majority of it would vaporize and it would turn into a comet or something) and the 1 713 exoplanets (confirmed by NASA) only Earth is currently sustaining life. There is still research trying to determine if life has ever existed on Mars, but last I heard, Mars can currently not sustain life. The conditions of Earth had to be just right in order for chemical evolution to take place, then cellular evolution and so on. To sustain life, Earth had to be at the right distance away from the sun to not reach temperatures of 900F (480C) like Venus or -371F (-224C) like Uranus, and it had to have the right axial tilt so…

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Isaac Asimov Meets the Terminator and Guess Who Wins

Whereof One Can Speak

According to The Atlantic, the Pentagon is going to award $7.5 million for research on how to teach ethics to robots. The idea is that robots might (or will) one day be in situations that demand ethical decision-making. For example, if a robot is on a mission to deliver ammunition to troops on the battlefield but encounters a wounded soldier along the way, should the robot delay its mission in order to take the wounded soldier to safety? Or risk the deaths of the soldiers who need that ammunition?

Since philosophers are still arguing about what ethical rules we should follow, and ethical questions don’t always have correct answers anyway, futuristic battlefield robots may need a coin flipping module. That way they won’t come to a halt, emit clouds of smoke and announce “Does not compute!” over and over.

Of course, the talented software developers who program these robots with a sense of right and…

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The Rights of Marriage: Covenant Love and Human Dignity

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Curiously Curious


Gabriel G. Choo

Presentation Draft

It is strange to me that my thesis is somehow able to connect all the major philosophical questions I’ve been grappling with the past couple years. Personal Identity, Memory, Romantic Love and how it relates to Divine Love, Human Dignity, Rights, Plato, Kierkegaard, Dante, Pascal – Jesus. It’s been a pleasure to work on this thesis and I’m happy to be sharing it with you. Let’s begin.

In his book, Justice in Love Nicholas Wolterstorff delineates three fundamental orientations towards the good, three kinds of love. First, there is benevolent love which is “the orientation that consists of seeking to bring about some good [of the beloved].” Second, there is attraction love which he defines as, “the orientation towards the good that consists of acknowledging a good already there. Being drawn to something on account of its worth, relishing it, delighting in it, reveling in…

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One thought at a time

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As a meditative exercise, I wonder if it is possible to pay attention to a single thought, watch it arise along with all the symphony of the emotions that it arouses and that arouse it, and then watch it fall away into silence.

What usually happens is that there is a core me that adds fuel to the fire and propels thoughts this way and that according to what I find gratifying or painful. This me invites certain strings of memories and tries to project coherent scenarios of the future.

These spinnings of the thought-emotion complex are like a stick with a spark of flame at its end whirled around rapidly. The illusion of continuity is thus born.

Let’s try to observe the blossoming and fading of each thought and emotion, uncaused and empty in the world.

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New Beginnings

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scot douglas campbell

Back in 1995 I was in the shower and I had a realization. I imagined there seemed to be two distinct yet connected universes. The first being the physical universe and the second universe being, for lack of a better description , the non physical universe. In other words the universe of things and the material and it’s brother the non-things universe. I imagined in my mind the main attributes of both these universes in regards to existence. In a much less fancy and articulate description I pondered “what is the common denominator of these two realms?” I came up with these scot laws, for the first universe the domain of the physical I came up with this law. THE COMMON DENOMINATOR OF THE PHYSICAL UNIVERSE IS CHANGE. I established in my mind, as I soaped up my hair, that indeed this law regarding the physical universe was a truism…

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