Oh Mother – Poem

A Mechanical Brain

I was born from the depths of your womb.

Birthed into unrighteousness and

washed by the sweet stench of your love.

It was your hands that created the person that looks back at me.

The creases and folds,

Defined by your grace and smile.

It was your hands that were worked to the core,

Battered and bruised,

Slowly moulding my small frame with hugs.

I am

a masterpiece created and designed by the nucleus of your egg.

I am

a star that orbits the remanents of the supernova that is your

inner being.

I am the whispers of your love and

product of your joy.

Oh mother.

To know that I am a product of your being,

Fills me with unprecedented happiness.

It rocks the centre of my galaxy,

Exploding new worlds and shocking the system that the world knows.

You are the sun and I the earth,

I am

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To Judge or Not to Judge?

A Potter's View

Weeds are a pain! It’s hard to distinguish them from good plants sometimes, and by the time you can tell the difference it’s too late to do much about them. I guess you can just use an herbicide to kill everything, but that throws out the good with the bad. Somebody said that the way to tell a weed from a valuable plant was to just pull on the plant and if it’s hard to pull up, it’s a weed. If it comes up easily it’s probably a good plant. From my experience, that’s pretty accurate!

Someone else said, “To distinguish flowers from weeds, simply pull up everything. What grows back is weeds.” Jesus had a different take in Matthew 13:24-30. He said that we should be hesitant to do any pulling up of weeds until the harvest when the Divine Harvester knows what’s what. He doesn’t say there won’t…

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Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them

The Father's Heart

But Jesus said, “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 NKJV

When we receive Jesus as Lord and Savior, God the Father becomes our Father and we are adopted into His family. We are told to come to the Lord as little children. When you study the life of a child the one thing you see a child has is innocence. They easily believe what they are told without questioning. We are called to receive the word by faith and not question the promises of God. The only thing that hinders the work of the Lord is when doubt is present.

Let us simply believe and stand upon the promises that God has for us. He will always provide every need, He will always protect, His love never fails, He will never leave us nor…

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My heart is true and fond of you.

Paradoxes of Today, Prejudices of Tomorrow

I miss you.

My life changing existence 

When my heart beats fast,

As if ripping my chest apart,

My breath I caught,

As our eyes, they locked.

You saw something in my gaze, I know,

And I thought I saw the same in yours.

Your lips, they part,

So nicely, like art. 

Making me certain that I will quiver and shiver,

So gently upon your touch. 

I need you to sleep,

I need you to wake up.

I need you yet I am afraid, 

My heart so fragile,  she shouldn’t break .

I miss you yet I am afraid,

To see you for I cannot take, 

Another hard blow from reality,  another mistake.

I miss you yet I must refrain.

But know this my dear, my heart is true,

And fond, it is, of you.



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Nine-year-old boy remarries 62-year-old woman in South Africa

Edward Seaman Journo

Most certainly not something you see every day!

Imagine the storm if this was to go on in the UK!

Some of the quotes from the nine-year-old are just incredible too.

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A nine-year-old boy has remarried a 62-year-old woman in South Africa

Saneie Masilela and Helen Shabangu originally held a ceremonial wedding in 2013, but renewed their vows this year to honour their ancestors.

Read the full story below including some incredible quotes..


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A Special Message


Along with the writings I post weekly, I also get many personal messages from my Tovarysh. Recently I received one which I was asked to share. When the messages first started coming through many years ago, they were given in old English with many thee’s and thy’s and hath’s, etc. I asked them to speak in modern English so that more people could understand the messages. For my personal messages , however, they often continue in the original format and I’ve decided to keep this format for this post. I decided to share this on the blog as many of my readers are in supportive roles. And for others who might be struggling, perhaps you’ll get a better sense of connectedness with the love that surrounds you. And please understand, I’m in need of hearing these comforting words myself. We are all in this together and knowing that I am…

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collapse, int. verb

Ayen's thoughts.

As I see them, your eyes are filled with mystery
I feel strange when you look across my way in awe
It’s as if I feel something even before you speak
Tell me, do our hearts know something we don’t?

With secrets, gestures, and stare, you ruin me
I reluctantly put my weak self out in the taking
With whatever spell you casted I’m sure held captive
Definitely into my heart you’ve found a way to break in

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