Siena, Italia…A Casa Mia Lontana da Casa

Pixels & Planes

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would visit let alone get the opportunity to live in Tuscany Italy. An area of the world coveted by many was what I was most fortunate to call home for nearly 7 months. The experience left me “senza parole”…speechless. And just having arrived back in the USA I can truly say my experiences in Siena this year truly changed my perception of the world. I thought I would miss the USA…but aside from family and friends, my heart belongs in Italy…and I think Europe in general. And I think I owed it to highlight this beautiful journey after having gone on a hiatus since we left Zagreb, Croatia.

Since we left Siena, I really began to think about everything I miss and yearn for…aside for the friends I made, of course. The things that come into mind on the spot…

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