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Doc Holiday: Travel advice for the perfect honeymoon, using Facetime and Viber on Wi-Fi overseas, and more

DOC Holiday offers weekly travel advice on your travel dilemmas.

WE GOT married a month ago. My job was to organize the wedding and new husband’s job was to plan the honeymoon. We want to travel in the NSW September school holidays as I’m a teacher and our budget is $7000 for 12 nights. Our honeymoon criteria is hot, beautiful beach, air con, not too many children, reasonably priced food and not Thailand, Malaysia or Bali.

Doc: With a tight budget you’ll get more bang for your buck if you stay close to home, here are some suggestions:

The Cook Islands has year-round perfect climate, unspoilt white beaches and lagoons teeming with fish to check out while you’re snorkelling.

There are 15 islands in the group with Rarotonga and Aitutaki being the largest…

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