5th January, Human epiphany

Miss Adventures

I just got back from the weirdest pub experience I’ve had all year. (Geddit? Cos we’re only five days into the year?!)

In all seriousness, weirdest pub experience I’ve ever had.

So I’m sitting with Jack upstairs in the pub we always meet in. I first met Jack 10 years ago when he was teaching me to drive. He was my favourite driving instructor. I remember truly looking forward to our lessons in his green Ford Focus, savouring every three-point-turn and traffic jam. My 19-year-old lust for him was so strong that I really believed I was in love with him. I would torture myself in my room for days on end, wailing to a Lady Sings the Blues compilation CD and wishing we were together. But I never plucked up the courage to tell him how I felt about him. Mainly because he was married at the time, albeit unhappily. (He…

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