CNN’s The Sixties: The Long March to Freedom

Pam Klainer's Day

I came home from Sara’s birthday party yesterday exhausted from having done a stint as Pied Piper for the little ones, wrung out from the heat, and from the long, celebratory afternoon and evening. Channel flicking, I found CNN’s ongoing series The Sixties. Last night’s segment was on the Civil Rights movement. I lived through that era. But I listened and watched last night an older and wiser person, and with the perspective of history.

In that decade we had towering moral leaders like Martin Luther King and Medgar Evers, civil rights martyrs like Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney, courageous political leaders like John and Robert Kennedy, endless politically active foot soldiers in the form of college students who filled the mean streets of segregationist states like Alabama and Mississippi and Georgia.

Now we have the smug xenophobia of Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, the ideological bias of the Roberts court, and the small-minded…

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