Lyrics To My Heart

The Real Mirror


The existence of music is so powerful.

Lyrics are like quotes to me.

They have a way of touching me, deep inside, as if they know how I’m feeling.

How many times does your favorite song come on and you can’t help but dance?

More importantly, a song comes on and you relate it to something in your life?

A new song added to your playlist.

Everyone has a soundtrack to their life.

Emotions have to be expressed somewhere, somehow.

Thus, music gives us the ability to change our attitude and we can essentially change how we feel.

It’s when music goes beyond just a beat and the lyrics speak to you.

The song now has a meaning.

Like when I say “Y.O.U.U. cause aint nobody out there that can do quite what you do” makes no sense to you, but are lyrics that mean the world to me!!

That’s why we…

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