Male ‘Ana!

Living Well Magic




Tabo and Izy were enjoying each other’s company
sank into a sofa on the balcony of their seaside apartment.
She was a slim, striking brunette with her hair draped over
her fit tanned shoulders.
She was wearing a tight-fitting dress, which displayed
her perfect breasts and excellent legs.
He was an extremely attractive man with blue alert eyes,
strong nose and a modern short hair cut.
“We could do with a good drink” he said with a soft voice,
“let’s have some champagne”!
He opened  a bottle of a rare vintage Dom Perignon rose,
and while pouring it into the flute glasses his hypnotic eyes
watched her closely.
“You are a beauty” he said with his captivating voice;
and stood  there admiring her..!
Then he sat next to her on the sofa.
Her leg leaned against his and she took hold of…

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