“Mete ou ajenou (Get on your knees)!”

Cornbread and Cremasse

MOM:“Mete ou ajenou (Get on your knees)!”

ME: Kisa m te fe (What did I do) ?

Most Haitian parents will have their kids kneel on the floor as a form of corporal punishment. In my house, this was no exception. This was my parents go-to punishment when I was a child.

When you were told to get on your knees, it usually meant it was the prelude to a spanking, but not always, but what you did know is that you were going to be there for a while.

I was no stranger to spankings or having to kneel down for an extended period of time. Sometimes, I knew why I was being punished. However, most of the time, it would catch me off guard.

I would come home and she would say “ Mete ou anjenou” and I would have to recall the day’s events and try and…

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