On the Road.

Letters To My Girlfriend: 365 days of Love

Dear Ashley,

I’m thinking of getting a pet. Nothing too hard to care for though. After graduation I’m thinking of taking a trip to Europe. I was advised by several people not to watch Hostel before travel. I’ve lost my stomach for those gory horror movies as I’ve gotten older, so that won’t be a problem. I think the lead in for horror movies is always more compelling than the actual graphic depictions of the horror. I guess that makes me a fan of suspense.

I want to celebrate my graduation right though. It’s been an uphill climb through depression, anxiety, and complacency to determination and motivation. Now that I’m on the road, there’s no way in hell I would ever surrender the path to something as useless as depression. Growing up, I feel better. I feel renewed.

I’m finding the things that used to pin me down don’t hold…

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