Our Nature

Tigerlily Speaks

I’ve been going through a battle of sorts, with myself.  I tend to behave in a particular manner and, like most people, when I see something about myself I do not particularly like, I try to change it.

However, we all have a fundamental core operating system, metaphorically speaking.  I don’t know if we are born with it or if it is a product of our upbringing.  I tend to believe the former, that we are born to be the way we are, fundamentally speaking.  Certainly we all have learned behavior, but learned behavior can be undone in time, if a person is willing to work at it.

However, things such as sense of self, sexual orientation, even gender, are things that are set in stone so to say.  And to be clear, before my transsexual fans start flaming me, I am not referring to anatomy.  Indeed, anatomy can be…

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