What have we become?


So I’m in a coffee bar, reading something suitably pretentious on my equally pretentious new ipad, both of which are de rigueur for the modern
twenty-something bachelor in what have almost become mccafés.

Although you’re not truly at the pinnacle of modern social enlightenment unless you’re drifting in, balancing your ‘blinged-out’ smartphone in one hand at the counter, composing tweets, Facebook messages about pointless trivia that makes you feel ‘oh-so-important’ whilst dashing back out again with their ‘frappuccino’, that toxic sludge of ice, sugar, colourings and water, reserved only for the coolest. Just enough of a hit to get their ADD brain to the salon for their tan top up. Alas, the modern social butterfly.

But wait! What is that I see entering? A glimmer of hope for this vegetated generation? A boy….and a girl….holding…hands? Smiling? Their mouths moving in strange formations, sounds of various pitch and decibels emerging, albeit…

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