Where have all the real men gone? Gender Equality’s holding them captive.

OJ Hara's: Weird And Wonderful

You can have this guy though

You can have this guy though

If you’re expecting me to bash Feminism good, I want a reaction from feminist. Yes Feminism is religion, and as we all know, Religious people are stubborn and believe change (even if for the worst) is part of the ‘The Struggle’ for liberation.

Keep in mind I’m not against Gender equality per say. There’s some sensible basic human rights that have been achieved from the movement. The problem I have is that instead of “Can we be treated as equals” quickly translated into “Look how much better we are when you give us a chance, WE SHOULD DO MORE!!!”. Don’t get me wrong, now we get equal salaries for the same jobs which, is awesome, get yours girl. I haven’t seen a female president really fuck up a . . .oh okay hahaha minus Madame Joyce Banda but hey girl its cool, you didn’t…

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