Cycle of Life


There would be a time in everyone’s life where we are hurt, angry, frustrated and suffering from heartache because the person you like/loves/loved treated you badly or outright rejected you or chose someone else to love instead of you..

When people say “oh..he chose her over me” Well.. firstly no one chooses who to just happens..its not something we mere humans can NO..he or she did not choose the other person over you..he or she just chose the person they like/love..its actually quite simple logic but when faced with the pain of rejection..offcourse we just cannot think straight.

Many of our lives have had people who liked/loved or still loves us yet we do not reciprocate those feelings..we become the one who treats them badly and rejects them..

GUESS WHAT..they go through the exact same feelings of hurt and despair that we went through at 1 stage…

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