My heart is true and fond of you.

Paradoxes of Today, Prejudices of Tomorrow

I miss you.

My life changing existence 

When my heart beats fast,

As if ripping my chest apart,

My breath I caught,

As our eyes, they locked.

You saw something in my gaze, I know,

And I thought I saw the same in yours.

Your lips, they part,

So nicely, like art. 

Making me certain that I will quiver and shiver,

So gently upon your touch. 

I need you to sleep,

I need you to wake up.

I need you yet I am afraid, 

My heart so fragile,  she shouldn’t break .

I miss you yet I am afraid,

To see you for I cannot take, 

Another hard blow from reality,  another mistake.

I miss you yet I must refrain.

But know this my dear, my heart is true,

And fond, it is, of you.



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