Oh Mother – Poem

A Mechanical Brain

I was born from the depths of your womb.

Birthed into unrighteousness and

washed by the sweet stench of your love.

It was your hands that created the person that looks back at me.

The creases and folds,

Defined by your grace and smile.

It was your hands that were worked to the core,

Battered and bruised,

Slowly moulding my small frame with hugs.

I am

a masterpiece created and designed by the nucleus of your egg.

I am

a star that orbits the remanents of the supernova that is your

inner being.

I am the whispers of your love and

product of your joy.

Oh mother.

To know that I am a product of your being,

Fills me with unprecedented happiness.

It rocks the centre of my galaxy,

Exploding new worlds and shocking the system that the world knows.

You are the sun and I the earth,

I am

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