07-24-2014: Death is Calling Me (Suicide and Salvation)

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Hopelessness. Depression. Pain. Fear. These emotions and others lie to us – they tell us that death will end our struggle. The truth is that if we keep living and fight back that our very best days are ahead of us. Stories of turn around and triumph encourages us to live.

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This week we are joined by Dr. Jacqueline Evans and her guests Cheryl Duncan and Dr. Renato Nero.

1385180_694657450572521_119385649_n• Dr. Jacqueline Evans is a minister of the Gospel and a Chiropractor.
• She is a native Houstonian and the seventh child of her parents the late Elmer Moore and Mrs. Inge B. Moore.
• Member of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church in Houston, Texas for 27 where the pastor is Reverend Dr. Marcus D. Cosby. She was licensed and ordained…

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Lessons in Love

Feeding Your Genes

I think it was four or five days ago when Kevin said something along these lines: “Our anniversary is next week…and we didn’t request the night off or anything.” My reaction was something like: “Wow, it’s like this Wednesday right? Or is it Thursday?” It is crazy how life seemIMG_9520-2s to run away from us sometimes. I have noticed that over the years I seem to care less and less about celebrating my birthday. But I honestly don’t think anniversaries should fall into this category! So I would like to take the time on our nine year wedding anniversary to share some things I have learned (and am still learning) about love over these years.

Love is not something you fall in and out of, it is a choice you make every day. The love we have for our spouses can only become unconditional love when we choose to…

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Cycle of Life


There would be a time in everyone’s life where we are hurt, angry, frustrated and suffering from heartache because the person you like/loves/loved treated you badly or outright rejected you or chose someone else to love instead of you..

When people say “oh..he chose her over me” Well.. firstly no one chooses who to love..it just happens..its not something we mere humans can control..so NO..he or she did not choose the other person over you..he or she just chose the person they like/love..its actually quite simple logic but when faced with the pain of rejection..offcourse we just cannot think straight.

Many of us..in our lives have had people who liked/loved or still loves us yet we do not reciprocate those feelings..we become the one who treats them badly and rejects them..

GUESS WHAT..they go through the exact same feelings of hurt and despair that we went through at 1 stage…

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The Unhappy Truth

Hem - zah - lee


The Unhappy Truth

Look closely at the world
My son.
A clearer sense of direction
seems lightyears away.
It would be easy to hate
as they hate.
Before you walked the Earth,
they where in your shoes:
feeling how you felt,
blaming us as you blame them,
Growing in age
with the past still burned
in their psyche.
The weight of history and
the power of memory are strong
enough to shackle any man,
conform him, and
brand him a prisoner of hate.
How can we progress,
when the price of a dream
is obscured in ethnic and religious
That’s the Unhappy Truth.
when the spell of mortality is broken,
it’ll force talks of peace
Rather than
acts of violence.

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Pinch me, I must be dreaming

|Eloquence is Bliss|

Howdy blogoverse, happy Wednesday morning to you all. I hope you’ve all been behaving, y’know, not doing anything I wouldn’t do. That leaves you with a wiiiiide window of opportunity.

Anyways, just a quick dispatch from the Miaverse this morning. Despite a somewhat insane week, this morning I write to you from my very own variant of Paradise-cosy in bed next to Marcellus, double double in hand (cigarette too), random Netflix score playing. We have been taking it easy and laying low the past couple of days, reveling in the security of each others company and love. Vegas been immature, as has Marcellus’ ex, which has provided us both with plenty of laughter. Mother Wallace is up to her old shenanigans (less entertaining, but I’m learning to laugh about it as time goes by), and I’ve been deemed the plus one for a wedding in a few weeks. All in…

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What am I saying to the world?


Have you ever thought to yourself – What is my life, actions and words saying to the world about me? When others that really don’t know me what do think when they observe me?
Do they shake their heads with pity or do they see strength, courage,and kindness? Do they see “Christ-like” behavior? Or are they seeing “world-like” actions? I think frequently we need to make evaluation of what others see when they look at us. Not to be concerned of what they think of us personally, but are we letting “little light shine” – are they seeing Jesus in us? I read this quote the other day and it made me think. I wanted to share it with you.

You are writing a gospel.
A chapter each day.
By deeds that you do.
By words that you say.
Men (children) read what you write.
Whether faithless or true.

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