Life as a Garden

We should all practice non-judgment and pickup acceptance instead. You don’t know me and I don’t know you, but we are all little beings flowing in the same sea. We all deal with pain that hides in the deep crevices of our soul, and we only show to the world what we want it to know.

“Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” ~ Wayne Dyer

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Wakeham recovers from poor start to claim VSCC Pre-War victory


The Vintage Sports Car Club are always popular at Castle Combe, and they kindly put together a grid for an invitational race after their regular season finished at Snetterton the week before. Combe and the Autumn Classic is obviously popular with the drivers as a high quality grid lined up for their 20 minute curtain closer to their season. David Freeman was on pole in his Aston Martin 2 Litre Speed Model whilst Frederic Wakeham was on the outside of the front row in his Frazer Nash Super Sports. Mark Brett was 3rd in his unique Ballamy-Ford V8 Special whilst Sue Derbyshire completed row 2 in his three wheeler Morgan Super Aero.

At the start it was 3rd man Mark Brett who made a lightning getaway to shoot between the middle of the front row to claim the early lead. Behind them it was all change in the early laps…

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Ellis/Fores too fast for rest in Fiscar 50’s Inter-Marque enduro


Next up on track was the 30 minute Fiscar 50’s Inter-Marque affair, which included mandatory pit stops to ensure an endurance feel to this race. The grid was as large as it was eclectic, with the pole man being the shared Lotus Elite of Robin Ellis and Richard Fores, with the similar Elite of soloist Brian Arculus alongside on the front row. Martyn Corfield was 3rd in this impressive Austin Healey 100/4 whilst earlier Jon Goss Memorial trophy front row man Steve Brooks completed row 2.

At the start it was Brian Arculus who made the best getaway to take the lead as the Ellis/Fores entry bogged down on the line. In the early laps the attention was focused on the recovering Ellis/Fores entry as they passed the fellow shared entry of John Ure and Nick Wigley in their Cooper Bristol T24 for 2nd on the pit straight after 3…

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Cool Wall- Aston Martin DB5

Motoring Madness

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin DB5 in my eyes, defines the whole concept and idea of the Cool Wall. It is the car that so many people desire to own and dream of spending their lottery winnings on. This car look elegant and timeless and is a permanent reminder of the glory days of handcrafted production techniques.  People who have driven it say that it by no means the perfect drivers car but that doesn’t dampen the appeal of the DB5. The Cool Wall is not about finding the best car to drive or most practical or cheapest to run. It is simply about the coolness that the car gives off. And most importantly, how I feel about it. This car would arguably not have been the success is was without the help of the big screen. After featuring in Goldfinger in 1964, this car became synonymous with the brand James Bond…

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Why You and Your Sibling Will Never Be as Cool as Jaden and Willow Smith


Essentially these two have been winning since they were born; I mean they are the product of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for goodness sake! (In 12 year old Jaden’s words “I was born from two stars so the moon is where I land”). Both Jaden and Willow have been in the spotlight their whole life with stints in various big time Hollywood movies and now they are beginning to build their reputation in the music industry. The last couple of weeks have been big for the pair with Willow about to release an EP and Jaden also releasing new material. And let us bear in mind that Jaden is only 16 and Willow is even younger at 13. Okay yes you could say these are two over privileged kids who think it’s their rite of passage to be super talented at something. But what makes these two different…

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Review: Logic’s “Under Pressure”

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The Maryland native makes good on the hype, turning in an impressive major label debut. Logic’s “Under Pressure” waxes nostalgia throughout the album, while giving a contemporary tale from multiple perspectives.

Sir Robert Bryson Hall II even sounds like future royalty. Professionally known as Logic, the massively talented Maryland MC has that potential. He’s also an interesting meta case study of multiple perspectives. Surface level, his racial background paints a ready-made perception, fair or not.
Within this particular context, there is a matter of fact. Frankly, while his heritage cannot be questioned, his lighter skin (and his incredibly endearing nature) makes him instantly relatable to others of the lighter hues, who mostly cannot truly identify with his story. He has YouTube clips in the millions of views, exemplifying a cult following that will walk with him over the ledge, if asked. For this, detractors will damn him.
More importantly, there…

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