The Cheerios Effect

The Writing Desk of Tiffany C. Lockhart

Perhaps I’m reading too much into this but I saw a Cheerios commercial and it said that no matter what, the famous cereal will “connect” with one another, that once you pour the milk into the bowl, the cereal will be pulled together by gravity and be joined with one another. The commercial said that this applies to specific relationships such as making friends, starting a romantic relationship with someone or enjoy doing something fun like dancing at a party, etc.

I think that the message that this commercial is conveying makes a bit of sense but there’s still a level of trust that must be established or else we would all be feeling paranoid as the relationship or friendship progresses and said relationship and/or friendship would not last for a very long time. Though it’s refreshing, to an extent, to see a commercial go down a path where it…

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