Why You and Your Sibling Will Never Be as Cool as Jaden and Willow Smith


Essentially these two have been winning since they were born; I mean they are the product of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith for goodness sake! (In 12 year old Jaden’s words “I was born from two stars so the moon is where I land”). Both Jaden and Willow have been in the spotlight their whole life with stints in various big time Hollywood movies and now they are beginning to build their reputation in the music industry. The last couple of weeks have been big for the pair with Willow about to release an EP and Jaden also releasing new material. And let us bear in mind that Jaden is only 16 and Willow is even younger at 13. Okay yes you could say these are two over privileged kids who think it’s their rite of passage to be super talented at something. But what makes these two different…

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