Feel So Good

Color Drunk

“So while you daydream my Mercedes gleam
And I deal with ho’s that pose in Maybelline” Mase

“Feel So Good”- Mase (Complex)

the people at Complex do it again. 

“And I rep my city proper,
Probably catch me rockin’ prada, hoppin off a helicoptaaa
In the skizigh, CuDi hand me ya shizit” King Chip

because I’m really white

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O’s Track Of The Week Birthday Special: Nas – It Ain’t Hard To Tell



Just like last year, I must celebrate my birthday with style with my favourite rapper, Nas. And you know what makes this day extra special? I’m going to see the Time Is Illmatic documentary which was just released a few days ago in the UK.

This is the track that the OisLike nickname originated from.

Nas is like the Afrocentric Asain, half man half amazing.

If you’re a hip hop fan, go and see the documentary yo!

It ain’t hard to tell what the original sample was!

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Frarri 2015 Back Side HD Wallpaper

HD Wallpaper Fix

HD Wallpaper Fix provides Frarri 2015 Back Side HD Wallpaper.Beautiful HD Wallpapers Fix HD wallpapers are situated as your cool background image that when your framework stays for a certain period with nobody utilizing it, the Frarri 2015 Back Side HD Wallpaper girls wallpaper HD computer screen. There is likewise HD Wallpaper Fix boys HD Wallpapers is made to show how effective certain wallpaper is Frarri 2015 Back Side HD Wallpaper ,Wallpapers are an alternate collection that includes downloads that are made to be spared on the computer wallpaper.

Frarri 2015 Back side Wallpaper Frarri 2015 Back Side Wallpaper

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Steve has lost his mind.


lost mind

This morning I received an E-mail from the owner of our company. Let me start by saying Steve has lost his mind. We love him and hope he finds it soon  but until he does. Here is the deal. It is most likely going to rain this weekend and if it does. ANYONE who gets a Complete detail or an Exterior detail THIS WEEK before the rain, gets a FREE Mini Detail service after the rain. This is worth over $120 for each car!!

So here’s to getting your car wet this weekend.


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2014 Dodge Charger SRT 8

Cars of Salt Lake City


The 2014 Dodge Charger SRT has a base MSRP of 47,385$.  It features a 6.4 liter Hemi engine that makes 470 HP and 470 lb-ft pounds of torque with the 5 speed automatic transmission.  The SRT Dodge Charger comes in 7 different colors but the model that I looked at came in white.  The interesting thing about the Charger SRT is that it only came in a 5 speed automatic transmission.  There is no option to get a manual but the automatic does feature automanual.  Automanual is the process of shifting the car whenever you please but without a clutch.  (It’s not the same thing, I have tried them both.)  The charger looks gorgeous and I like the front how it almost sticks out at you and it is extremely mean looking and fast.  But I still prefer the 2 door challenger.  I like that it is available in a…

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