Borrowed or Stolen?

Me - Who am I?

red car

He shouldn’t have let me borrow his car that day, but he did. Having dated Kevin for years, I was thankful that he trusted me with his sporty red car. It was nice and great power! It was always fun to drive, especially for a racer like me.

Making it work safely, I got out of the car and headed inside. The day was like any other day, until my manager walked up in the afternoon to tell me that I had a phone call. Back then, we didn’t have cell phones. I went to the office, picked up the handset and said hello.

It was Kevin. He was angry! I’m not sure what he was angry about now, but he was accusing me of something that I had not done. For a few minutes we argued over the phone, until I got tired of listening to him and hung…

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