#9 Happily ever after… a cross stitch tale

Life's Complicated, So Cross Stitch...

I have been a cross stitcher, on and off, since I was 11 years old.

I used to live next door to a beautiful older lady, Doreen, who had an incredible talent for needlework and cross stitch in particular. I remember vividly going round to her house after school one day and seeing her then WIP: an intricate forest scene with fairies dancing in the moonlight, and I fell in love.

To this day it’s still the most incredible piece of cross stitch I ever laid my eyes on – glittering, shimmering threads and hundreds of similar-shaded skeins married together to create perfect doll-like fairy face features. I vowed then that one day I’d accomplish a similar feat.

I’ve not…yet.

And while school, college and university got in the way of this particular dream, in late 2012, cross stitch found me again.

I came across a pattern I…

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