Twiistd Progress

Seriously, see what you’re doing to me?
That was just worded all wrong
that bit about me still holding on
Its not that way, I can’t describe it
It’s like I let go and try to slide if
Then the fires burn, feeling my love
Because you make me happy, you’ve always been more than enough
Perfect for my love
It’s back to that I can’t drown
It doesn’t matter how much I let go
It doesn’t end in a frown
even the tears, they come
I can’t help it if the release of rain is followed by the sun
Yes, I carry scars, but it doesn’t hurt that way anymore
I’ve made good use of all my “flaws”
I am crumbling, just not in the way you seem to expect
Even when I think I begin to regret
I mean the finger, I mean, I don’t know what I…

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