How To Get Success in MLM

Faith Sloan Talks About MLM, Scams, Reality and More

How To Get Success in MLM?

Short answer: Work diligently, work consistently, and don’t give up.

Long answer: all companies are different, and what works in one company might not work in another. You should learn from your upline — ask them what works and what you should do to succeed. Draw on them for help. They’re interested in your success.

The fundamental ideas, though, are the same in any company. Do what a distributor/associate/whatever is supposed to do in your company — retail products, sell services, consume products, whatever — and find others to do the same. Teach them to do what you do.

*Duplication* is the key to success in MLM. You’re not supposed to go out and enroll the world, or sell something to everybody on the planet. You’re supposed to find a FEW people who want to build a business, and help them do it.

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