Light body sparkles and other heavy, dark stuff!

Universal Change Group

Sparkles – like the kind you see on Edwards skin when Bella sees him in the sunlight for the very firs time in the movie twilight.

But really superduper bright sparkles. Imagine a body of pure light, then see these super incredibly bright sparkles – shinning and twinkling in there too.

So this is what Im experiencing in my body at the moment. The really bright sparkles within my body of pure light are infinite love from the source of unconditional love which we all truly are.

Have you experienced anything like this before?

So I thought I’d begin with the sparkly bit because there is some HEAVYNESS & Darkness in this story. Ive been working on a limitation pattern for a while now – maybe 2 and a bit weeks, embracing it, exploring how it works, what its connected to in my life, the energies of it, and…

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