Waki Waffles



“Come into my parlour.”, said the spider to the fly. The scent of waffles shot out like webbing and reeled me into the Waki Waffles stationed just outside the Sun Shop. Paying bills can work up a hunger pang. A good half an hours wait for my number, just three from one currently served when I walked in, merited a carb allowance.

Screenshot (32)

Screenshot (31)

The cheery yellows made the kiosk even more welcoming. I sat on the counter right in front of their industrial waffle irons for a full aromatherapy treatment. A homegrown Cebuano business, Waki Waffles have a Create-Your-Own-Waffle option alongside their Sweet and Savory presets. Everything begins with a choice of either the light and crispy Brussels waffle or the soft and chewy Liege. Go el cheapo with just the plain or pay extra for the add-ons and the corresponding calories.



I ordered a Bacon & Maple waffle off the…

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