Why you still aren’t getting what you want

A Winning Philosophy

Have you ever lost something and then looked everywhere for it, and finally finding it a short while later? So did you really look everywhere? If you did, then you wouldn’t have found it later on.

If you try, you will succeed. You may think you’ve looked everywhere, you may proclaim that you’ve searched in every crack and crevice possible but have you really? Well, if you haven’t found it, then obviously you haven’t searched everywhere. This same concept goes for abilities and achievements. If you try hard enough, you will succeed. If you haven’t succeeded, you haven’t tried hard enough.

But what if something is not possible? What if what you’re looking for doesn’t exist? Can you then say ‘I’ve searched everywhere’ and be believed? Well, how do you know that it doesn’t exist or is not possible? You don’t! There’s absolutely no way for you to know that…

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