LIVING in the moment – And be the very best you can be.

& . . . What More?

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“To my mom, who I never knew had any aspirations other than being the best mother ever. Her success made me feel we were her whole world. I did not know what she would do when we left. But her new success has shown me each moment is full of more possibility. Hear, Hear.” Tears streamed down my face as I heard the clinking of glasses. That was my son. My meditation had given me a glimpse of him standing in front of our friends and family who had gathered to celebrate my doctoral designation. It was September 2019.

I often wonder how to LIVE in the moment when I have schedules to keep, classes to create, classes to show up for, and dreams in my heart. How do you balance everything when you should only be focused in the moment?

Being in the moment, I do…

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