7 Healthy Foods to Love

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7 Healthy Foods to Love

Many of us care a great deal about our #body and what we put in it. There are foods you should avoid…mostly junk food and then there are foods you should have…If you have been aiming for a more healthy diet, here is a list of 7 healthy foods to love…

7. Watermelon

Photo Credit: dapan

This is the fruit of an annual vine. It belongs to the melon and squash family. It originated in Africa. One slice of watermelon only has 152 #calories in it along with 562 milligrams of potassium and 167 mg of vitamin A. It also has 47  mg of vitamin C and plenty of other good stuff which qualifies it to become a healthy food.

6. Tomato

Photo Credit: NaPix — Hmong Soul

I cannot leave tomatoes off of this list. My six year old is a big tomato eater! She can’t…

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