And then there was Mel

BeforeWorkAfterWorkI have this “friend”, who has this job, at this place where the boss is Tri-polar.

When my friend got this job she was super excited. She was going to work for a hospitality company.  They have restaurants and hotels and stuff like that.  Things that make people happy.  It’s a hospitality company, if anything the people should be hospitable.  I must admit…I mean my friend said the first couple of days were good.  She even had a glass of bourbon with her boss while going over some business.  Who wouldn’t want to be able to have a drink while at work.  That seems like the dream job. Yeah, it was all a facade.  He reels you in with the niceness and then the crazy man appears.

One instance, she has many more but I won’t subject you all to all the craziness at one time.  her boss told her that…

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